About Dr. King in Rancho Mirage, CA

Dr. King has been practicing in the Coachella Valley for the past 17 Years. He has found that a teamwork approach with his patients results in the best possible outcomes. By providing the patients with knowledge and education regarding their conditions, the patients can then make the best informed decision for themselves. Dr. King also incorporates the latest medical information and technologies so that improvement in patient outcomes is always moving forward.

Dr. King's goal is to provide expertise with a gentle touch to each of his patients' foot and ankle needs so that they may resume their everyday activities as soon as possible.

Under Graduate Schools:

  • CSU, Dominguez Hills, 84–85
  • CSU, Long Beach, 85–89

Graduate Schools:

  • Cal College of Podiatric Medicine, 89–93
  • Honors: Pi Delta National Honor Society
  • Residency
  • United Western Medical Center, Santa Ana/Anaheim, Podiatric Surgical Residency, 24-Month, 93–95


Grumbine, NA, King, GA: Clawfoot Deformity. An Analysis, Causes & Surgical Treatment Using a Modification of Jones Suspension Procedure. Clinics in Podiatric Medicine & Surgery 13:221-238, 1996

Private Practice

  • Palm Springs, '95–2011
  • Banning '95–2004
  • Rancho Mirage 2011–Present
  • Yucca 2014-Present

Hospital Privileges:

  • Desert Regional Medical Center
  • Eisenhower Medical Center
  • Hi-Desert Medical Center
  • El Mirador Surgery Center
  • Airway Outpatient Surgery Center
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